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1st August 2016 Baby has her Puppies
May 2015 News of Majik and Maryke
1st January 2015 A New Year Walk with some friends
24th March 2014 Plum's Puppies arrive
2nd January 2014 We have Affie Puppies
August 2013 Bonnie the Basset comes to stay
20 April 2013 Purple takes a trip to Pau and has some fun
March 2013 Again we are Top Springer Kennel in France
March 2013 Crufts - Pomo retires from top class competition
23 December 2012 Affie Pups now four weeks old
1st June 2012 A Trip to Italy and two new Champions
May 2012 Pomo Adds Fishing to his Skill Set
November 2011 A Busy Weekend
15th October 2011 We are listed as the Top Kennel in France
21st September 2011 Ping and Pomo's Puppies arrive
15th September We are featured on ITV1 - Little England
10th September 2011 We are expecting Puppies
26th August 2010 Paula has a long awaited litter
8th August 2010 A day out at Sorges
29th April Pia Joins us from Sweden
14th March 2010 Crufts 2010. Two red ribbons and a trophy for Pomo
3rd October 2009 International Champion Ping
3rd October 2009 Charleroi -Another title for Pomo
27th September 2009 Tarbes International Show
29th June 2009 Five Generations and Wenche in the Sunflowers
28th June 2009 Ottar arrives in France
30th March 2009 A Purple Patch
30 January 2009 Ping and Toddy's Puppies are here
1 January 2009 Tina's Puppies at eight weeks at play
1 January 2009 Tina's puppies at eight weeks posing
15th December Tina's Puppies at almost six weeks
9th November 2008 Pomo - Champion of France
4th November 2008 Tina has her Puppies
4th November 2008 Pomo - Champion of Spain
3rd November 2008 Meet Pete
3rd October 2008 A very sad day - We say goodbye to Rachel
14th January 2008 Poppet and Ernie's Twelfth Birthday
January 2008 We move to France
18th November 2006 This is What We Do
27th October 2006 All Four One and One Four All
15th October 2006 Paula's Puppies
18th June 2006 A "Coldstream" and an RCC for Pomo
21st May 2006 Rachel's puppies at six weeks
20th May 2006 A Tale of Entente Cordiale
3rd April 2006 Rachel has had her puppies
25th February 2006 Pomo and his Image
20th August 2005 We've been snapped by the Paparazzi!!
15th July 2005 We "Got an Otter"
10th April 2005 Ping is playing "Just like Mum"
26th March 2005 Introducing Ping Pong
25th March 2005 Millie's first birthday photo
22nd March 2005 Our day at Crufts 2005
22nd March 2005 Pomo gains his Junior Warrant - Official
29th January 2005 Ducking and Diving
28th January 2005 New Pictures of The Bowlers
8th January 2005 Pomo takes Gundog Group 3 at Chesham
24th November 2004 Rachel's Puppies are here
23rd October 2004 Poppet Gains her Show Gundogs Working Certificate
13th June 2004 Pip takes the Kids to Yorkshire
28th March 2004 The "Magnettes" are here
25th February 2004 Paula and Pomo Meet a Spider
19th October 2003 The Vikings at Six Weeks
5th September 2003 The Vikings are Here!!
29th May 2003 Rachel & Chalky are Adults!
22nd February 2003 Todd goes Commercial
7th August 2002 A litter of Eleven - Meet Maggie's Team!!!
17th May 2002 Tod the Builder (and his mate)
26th April 2002 Rachel proves she is a True Canouan
25th April 2002 Toddy's page is updated
22nd February 2002 Chalky is having a wonderful time in Sweden
19th January 2002 Meet Rachel
26th December 2001 They Said There'd be Snow this Christmas - Toddy Style
20th December 2001 A Great Day Out - Or Canouan Christmas in November
18th December 2001 "The Cricketers" go to their new homes
12th October 2001 Poppet's Puppies are here
20th September 2001 A Tribute to Winsie
4th September 2001 Meet "Hot" Toddy
14th July 2001 Bertha at the Arctic Circle
26th May 2001 Exceedingly Good Gardeners
1st April 2001 Beach Bums!
28th January 2001 The last day of the shooting season - all present!
8th January 2001 Poppet gives Pip the benefit of her experience!
30th December 2000 Pip on the front cover of the Kennel Gazette
26th November 2000 Maggie's first birthday photo
21st October 2000 The Show Spaniels Field Day
1st September 2000 Our Trip to Sweden
14th August 2000 The Canouan Barbeque
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