On the 30th July 2002 Maggie presented us with a litter of eleven pups. Enough for a football team! Six boys and five girls.
Maggie is a wonderful Mum and is taking very good care of her pups. Well done Maggie.
This is Maggie's first litter and the proud Dad is none other than our own "Hot Toddy" proving that he really is a little hot one. Needless to say Toddy takes this responsibility very seriously and has hung a money box outside his kennel. All donations to the child maintenance fund will be gladly received. (There is not a lot of money in building patios apparently)
Here are the pups at a few days old:
And a week later:
The Boys - Two Black and White and Four Liver and White.
The Girls - One Liver and White and Four Black and White.
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