It was a very hot day on Saturday and Pomo and I were watching the Trooping of the Colour celebrations for Her Majesty the Queen's 80th Birthday. I love the pageantry, and having horses of my own particularly like the mounted regiments. I was explaining to Pomo the difference between the Kings Troop, and the mounted divisions. When I mentioned the Coldstream Guards his ears pricked up. A cold stream, just what he could do with on a hot day!
I told him that I had entered him in a show the following day and we would be very close to Coldstream. I asked if he would he like to visit the town. The answer was of course yes. There is nothing he likes better than a night in a hotel, and a trip out with me on his own.
I sent him off to wash his hands and face and pack his overnight bag whilst I made us a picnic, and that evening found us in the car for the long journey to the Scottish Borders.
We arrived at the show on Sunday morning. Pomo had not had a great deal of sleep as he had spent most of the night in the hotel looking in the mirror and playing with the dog on the other side.
Mrs Linda Lillie (Freeway) was judging and Pomo gave a good account of himself and won his class.
Then followed the challenge against the other class winners, and Mrs Lillie awarded Pomo the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate.
I was absolutely thrilled as this is Pomo's first award of top honours as an adult, and the first for our kennel in the UK.
For Pomo it pairs nicely with the Reserve Challenge Certificate that he won at the Nationale d'Elevage in France.
We celebrated in true Canouan style with a hunt through a little wood, which is why he is a bit wet.
To be honest with you Pomo could not see what all the fuss was about. After all it is just a piece of card and you can't eat that.
However a bacon butty with double bacon and no butter or sauce, just the way he likes them, was more than acceptable, and we even had time to stop in the picturesque town of of Coldstream before the long drive home to Dorset.
Well done my lad, and thank you for a really super weekend.
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