August 2013 and Peregrine and Angie and the boys come to visit us. They brought Bonnie the Basset with them. We had a great time together but just before they were due to leave their car decided it wanted to stay. The boys had to go back to school so they took a flight and Bonnie stayed with us. We so enjoyed having her ...
She enjoyed her walks in the woods
She found a comfy chair
She made some springer friends
She got used to the water, though did not swim
She thoroughly enjoyed gettting muddy
Went beachcombing with some friends
And finally by Mid October it was time to go home. She armed herself with her passport, we found her a little suitcase, and lent her a scarf for the cold weather in Wiltshire and she was off.
Bye Bye Bonny we have so enjoyed having you and look forward to seeing you again soon
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