So the last time that we saw Peter (who we normally refer to as the Big Swede) was in September when he dropped Sissel off to us. We wondered at the time why he was plying Poppet with chocolate mints. It is not normally something that he would do, ply a dog with chocolate. However we put it down to the 1,000 miles that he had just driven. If we had thought about it though we would have realised that he knew we would mate Poppet to Shipden Uncle Tom Cobley and he was after a black and white dog. Plying Poppet with chocolate mints apparently assured him of the required result. The puppies came, and presto - four black and white dogs. "I shall come over and choose one in late November" says Peter, "Great" we said "we shall have an early Christmas". Hence Christmas in November came to Canouan, and to make it a perfect four Joan Falldin came over too. Sissel was so pleased to see her Dad.
There are two traditions at a Canouan Christmas. One is the Boxing Day Meet of the New Forest Hounds. Unfortunately due to the foot and mouth restrictions there was no hunting so we could not do this, but the second is the Christmas Shoot. This was easy to arrange, and on the Saturday (our Christmas Eve) off we went with all six dogs. Peter took Sissel, Joan handled Maggie, Kevan Ernie and Toddy, and I took Poppet and Pip.
Here are Peter and Sissel having a word in each others ears, and below are some of the other beaters discussing what to do to make Peter's day more memorable!
We move to the first drive, where it is necessary to go through a field of horses. Now Peter has had an unforgettable experience with English horses before, and that necessitated him making running repairs to his trousers! Wisely he took the lower part of the field and worked Sissel through a hedge - and we all saw it - she flushed one of the first birds of the day. Well done Sissel.
We worked on through the morning. It was excellent weather, a nice sunny day, scenting conditions were good, and the dogs flushed lots of birds. We have varied country, woodland, open grassland, and a really great old walled garden, which is no longer cultivated. The birds like to sun themselves in there, and the dogs just love it.
Lunchtime found us taking photos of our group, and the other beaters wondering just how they manage to get through life without a Canouan English Springer Spaniel (and a Sissel of course)
A good afternoon, a sojourn in the "frying pan" (but that is another story) and at the end of the day Joan and I agree that we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Meanwhile Ernie is still looking for Peter. He remembers those chocolate mints!
AH - Here he is - looks like he has had a "Great Day Out" too.
Thoroughly enjoyed the "Canouan Christmas Eve"
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