The story of "Entente Cordiale"
Back in September 2005 a French Gentleman left a message in our Guestbook. As visitors to this website are aware we are fans of the French and throughly enjoy visiting France for shows. Naturally as this gentleman left his web address we had a good look at his website. What we found there was a revelation. Many years ago Brian and Julie Choat (Otterspool) and Mickie George (Mortondawn) had sent dogs to France. Dogs that originated from the Cliffhill Kennel as ours do. I had tried to track them down on my previous trips, but my grasp of the language was simply not good enough. Well, staring at me, was the breeding that I was looking for. With the help of a dictionary and using my long forgotten French I was soon typing an email.
The long and the short of it was that on January 13th, I found myself with Pomo just south of Paris for a meeting with Sandrine Bossuet and Ch Urluberlue d'Atoll de Kerguelen. Sandrine had driven 400 miles from her home near to Bordeaux, and Pomo and I had travelled "sous la manche". The fact that it was Poppet's birthday was spooky, and at 8am precisely we met and the "marriage" of Pomo and Urluberlue took place.
Urluberlue is a "Champion de France".
This is a most prestigious title.
In France not only does a dog need to qualify in the show ring but in order to gain any sort of champion status it MUST have attained 65% at a field trial. In other words in France an English Springer must be the complete dog. It should be a healthy dog too. A requirement for the championship is that the dog has a hip score of B or higher and holds a current clear eye certificate.
Not only does Urluberlue hold this title, but she is an extremely lovely bitch. One that I would be proud to own.
Ch Urluberlue d'Atoll de Kerguelen
Now for the long wait to see if Urluberlue was in whelp. We need not have worried. Thierry had spent a small fortune at the vets to ensure that we had mated the two of them on the correct day. On March 15th Urluberlue whelped seven lovely puppies, four boys and three girls.
Three black and white girls, one black and white boy, and three liver and white boys.


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