Rachel and Chalky have just turned 18 months and they each celebrated the milestone of becoming an adult (??) in different ways.

Rachel went to Scotland and stayed at Beecraigs. While she was there she went to the ESS Club of Scotland Championship Show and won a great big cup with a lid! and a rather smart red tartan rosette. She is quite taken with these and particularly enjoys wearing the lid as a hat. Tod is of the opinion that she is getting a little too big for her boots and if she was a proper springer she would not pose about like that but would fill the cup with something to eat and share it with her friends!
Rachel would like to thank Uncle Graham Aunty Olive, Sarah and Vicki for a wonderful weekend, and adds a big thank you to Aunty Lyn Gregory for inviting her to pop in to supper and see sister Ellie's pups on the way home. She particularly enjoyed watching the war!!

Chalky (Canouan Dorset Duke) lives out in the country in Sweden, so he asked Peter if it would be possible to visit the town. Tomas and Anna invited him to stay with them for the weekend so it was off to the town for Cosmopolitan Chalky and to work on the Monday as Tomas' personal assistant. Chalky would like to thank Tomas and Anna for his excellent weekend, and for the wonderful photos Tomas took of him. However he has decided that he is country boy at heart..
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