Tod was looking at the website the other day and was fascinated by the pictures of Harriet and Butty building a patio. He wanted to know where in fact this patio was as it looked quite fun. We told him that it was in our old house, and he was a little disappointed, but undeterred!! A few calls on his mobile to the right people and he had all the information and the materials that he needed. He is pretty well connected our Toddy. Imagine our surprise when we got home to see what was going on.
The groundwork was done, and he was just beginning to lay the slabs.
He had the plumb line ready to make sure that they were straight.
He did need someone to hold the other end however.
Luckily enough Rachel was around - a girl but she'd just have to do - Come on Rachel you can come and help so long as you promise to do as I say.
Now be a good girl and go and fetch the spirit level.
Almost finished - lets just put these drains in - I must say you have been a help (for a girl).
All done - Ernie (Dad) has got the table and chairs out and set them up, and Poppet has organised the other girls with the trellis and flowers, so go and put the kettle on Rachel and we shall have a nice cup of tea.
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