Pomo, Paula and I took Ping to the East of England Show at Peterborough. We had a good day and towards the end of it we met a man called David Tomlinson. He told us that he was from the Shooting Times Magazine, a weekly magazine which covers all aspects of game shooting. He was suprised to find English Springers at a Championship Show who are capable of working in the winter. So much so that he asked to take our photo.
Move over J-Lo - the paparazzi are chasing us now!

The paper was published and there we were, sitting on the bottom of the page, Paula left, Pomo right, and that puppy squashed in the middle. Well someone had to keep her still!


This is what Mr Tomlinson had to say about us.

We were obviously on our best behaviour.

We introduced him to our friend Carolyn Muirhead of the Shipden English Springers. Carolyn and Colin own and bred Rachel's Dad - Shipden Uncle Tom Cobley - and have been showing and working English Springers for over 40 years.

We chatted for quite some time, and our conversation was mentioned in despatches.

David Tomlinson kindly emailed us a copy of the original photo. Here we are with the wind in our feathers!
He would like to follow this article up and come and have a day beating with us. Bet we won't look like that then.


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