DOB 30th January 2009
Best in Group
Eye tested clear Nov 2012
Fucosidosis Hereditarily Clear
PRA Cord 1 Hereditarily Clear
We call him Purple, as he has brought a purple patch to our lives. A Toddy son from our own Ping he has that certain "je ne sais quoi".
Born on the 30th January 2009 from Ping's litter of ten, we did not really mean for him to stay, but in the end could not let him go.

Arcadia Ardent Quest to Canouan

Canouan Ever so Earnest Sh Ch Wardhill Whistling Miller Sh Ch Malacou Dusty Miller
Sh Ch Wardhill Whistling Magic
Cliffhill Cinders Cliffhill Son of Julius
Black Addition to Cliffhill

Arcadia Amber Flame

Arcadia Amber Gambler Sh Ch Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Arcadia Angelique
Cliffhill Juliette Ch Arcadia Augustus
Cliffhill Persephonea

Ch Canouan Howizthat

Sh Ch Calvdale Crimewatch JW Sh Ch Wadeson Inspector Wexford
(Breed Record Holder winner of 60 CC's)
Sh Ch Speeton Seafarer
Wadeson Ruth Rendell
Aust Ch Coorigil Constellation Sh Ch Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Sh Ch Coorigil Northern Dancer
Canouan Rachel Heyhoe Shipden Uncle Tom Cobley Sh Ch Shipden Chuckberry
Wolterton Lucy of Shipden
Canouan Up Pops Poppet
Sh Ch Wardhill Whistling Miller
Cliffhill Cinders
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