Every morning we go for our walk. It has been very hot lately so we have been going quite early. Here are four of the girls just setting out on one of our favourite areas of heathland.
We particularly like it here because there are several natural lakes and we can go "swimbing".
This one is particularly good because it has it's own gently sloping little beach. Pip as you can see likes this because it allows her to exit elegantly.
Just the thing you would think for encouraging that young Ping into the water for the first time.
Encouragement! Ping! she did not need any!
With this one we did not get a springer
We "Got an Otter"!!!
A good hunt through the grass and woods on the lower common. There's definetly been something here. "Did you bring a gun Mum"
Poppet's got that "time for breakfast" look on her face so it must be time for home now.
Hope you enjoyed our walk as much as we did.
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