Northern ESS Club Championship Show was on and Pip asked me if perhaps we could take the children to "God's Country". Good idea I said, but we shall have to stay in a hotel.
Paula and Pomo had never "stayed away" before so it was quite an experience for them. One that Pomo thoroughly enjoyed. He is a bit of a hotel manager's nightmare. He spend most of the evening collecting up everything in the room that was not nailed down and putting it in his basket!, and when I got out of the shower in the morning the bath mat had mysteriously disappeared!
We had a good show. Pomo won his class, and both Mum and Paula placed in their's. The food and hospitatilty at Northern is always excellent and this year the weather was kind and the show was held outside. We highly recommend Sue Long's tuna flan, and that chocolate cake!!
Before we left we posed for Phil Timmins.
Show's over - Anyone for supper and home?
Last one to the car gets the smallest dinner.

Cor right says Paula - I'm starving, but perhaps it would be quicker if we flew home. What do you think of my "take off" skills?

Thanks for the photos Phil - Phil Timmins -

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