Our Affix Canouan is not a clever anagram, just the name of the island where we spent our honeymoon. The correct pronunciation is Kan-o-wan.
Canouan is part of the Grenadines, the archipelago that stretches about 60 miles between St. Vincent and Grenada, and consists of submerged rocks, beautiful reefs that are perfect for snorkeling, and some 40 islands. Nine are inhabited, and a couple have name recognition: Mustique and Bequia. But not Canouan, even though it's the third largest (3.5 by 1.5 miles) island of the Grenadines
The name Canouan comes from the old Carib "Cannouan" which means Turtle Island. A quiet, peaceful, crescent-shaped island 25 miles south of St Vincent, with very few tourists and excellent reef-protected beaches. Here the ship-building industry in the Grenadines was started. It's a quiet island, unspoiled by tourism. When we were there there were no vehicles, strictly no disco, no radio or TV. Just the Professor who came from St Vincent to entertain one night a week and introduced us to the delights of drinking pints of lager with a couple of double cherry brandy's mixed in to give it colour! and Captain Philippe, the Captain of the Canouan Star, the hotel's Catamaran, which took us to various other uninhabited islands during the day.
Canouan justifiably boasts some of the best powder fine white sand beaches in the Caribbean with wide shallows and abundant coral. Perfect
It's hard to describe
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